Friday, February 7, 2014

Act 2 Scn 1

The scene is set in Caesars kinfolk during a nighttime of thunder and lightning. Caesar is com manpowerting on the chaotic weather and upon Calphurnia, Caesars wife, having a envision in which Caesar is murdered. She dreams that she sees him bleeding to death at the foot of his statue in the Senate. He sends a servant to instruct his augurers, men selected to issue signs and pacify the gods, to perform a sacrifice. She tries to persuade Caesar non to abdicate the house that day. Caesar will non be persuaded, so Calphurnia recounts most of the quaint things that stupefy been seen by the night watch. Graves have wedded up their dead, and in that respect was the noise of battle in the air. But Caesar still insists he will not commute his plans. He says that the disturbances be relevant to the world in general, not to himself. She describes the unnatural phenomena that have brought her to believe in the power of omens. Caesar replies that no one can alter the plans of the gods and that he will go out. When Calphurnia says, When beggars die .., Caesar state that the fear of death is senseless because men cannot avoid its inevitability. The servant returns with information that the priests suggest Caesar stay at home today because they could not find a core in the sacrificed beast. Caesar rejects their interpretation, but Calphurnia does finally persuade him to stay at home and have Antony tell the senators that he is sick. If Portia is noble, Calphurnia, Caesars wife, suffers greatly in comparison. She is not so well- hubbyed, for here Caesar shows himself to be weak and superstitious. Still, on that point is truth in Calphurnias dreams and real caring for her husband in her attempts to keep him from going to the Capitol. Her fault lies in her shrewish nature, which her husband allows to prolong out of control. Her ability to convince him to stay at home serves to show his weakness. Caesar shows some vestiges of masculinity, however. Calp hurnia describes fierce, fiery warriors . . ! . which...If you want to aim a full essay, order it on our website:

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